Cause & Effect.

Open Space are a contemporary arts organisation in London that support emerging creative practices and promote dialogue in the arts through an annual programme of projects in unexpected spaces. 

Working closely with founder Huma Kabakcı and Head of Programming and Research Inés Geraldes Cardoso, Cause & Effect designed an identity that aims to further establish Open Space as an organisation making room for art beyond the usual boundaries and gallery environments. The flexible and animated logo adapts to frame the spaces top and bottom in both screen and print, creating a space for copy and imagery and allowing either the content or the concept of space to be the central focus in their materials.

This idea is brought to life with kinetic type treatments for social media and in materials with dye cut folds and embossing. The typeface Modern Era by OMSE Type was selected for its functional yet idiosyncratic qualities. A vibrant red accent colour features as the primary colour for the 2019 programme, along with bright spots of green and purple as secondary colours and the palette will change and adapt with each programme and season of events.

Cause & Effect also developed a language around the identity by exploring swapping out the words OPEN and SPACE. Such as ‘Open Thought’, ‘Open Minds’, ‘Open Exchange’ ‘Critical Space, ‘Amplified Space’, ‘Creative Space’.

Open Space

Modern Era by OMSE Type

Print Photography:
Susan Castillo

Web Develpoment:
Infinite Eye

Featured on:
The Brand Identity
AIGA Eye on Design

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