Glasgow International 2018

Scotland’s largest festival for contemporary art. Cause & Effect designed an unmissable new identity to increase visibility of the festival and reflect its energy and vibrancy.

Making use of bright fluro pink, yellow, green and purple, it’s the ubiquitous diamond which forms the basis of the identity. With its slightly concaved sides, it was originally derived from the tittle of the “i” in Lacuna, a typeface designed by Imogen Ayres, a graduate from Glasgow School of Art. In typography, the tittle refers to a small distinguishing mark, such as the dot on a lowercase “i” or “j”.

The fact that it was born of the city and could represent a modern version of Glasgow made Lacuna the right choice. Increasingly in branding – and especially with a festival like Glasgow International which requires a lot of text-led communication – it makes sense for the typeface to carry a lot of the character and presence of an identity before you even get to colour and symbolism.
The diamond also functioned on another level as a shape which often denotes something important; something to pay attention to. A diamond is often used internationally in road warning signs or to signal important information.

We recognised the potential of the shape as markers on the maps and in wayfinding. A lot of the festival identity is about guiding and directing people around Glasgow, so this was a factor that needed careful consideration.
Cause & Effect’s identity for Glasgow International 2018 embodies the character and presence of Glasgow – It’s Nice That, May 2018


Branding Glasgow International 2018 was a task Cause & Effect has taken to with passion, dedication and solidity, accomplishing a lot quickly and with skill. They have responded to our input and worked with us as any other team members. We are especially pleased with our new website, which is crisp, elegant and easy to use, and has received many positive comments from artists and members of the public.

Richard Parry – Director, Glasgow International

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