Cause & Effect.

Balcaskie is a modern working estate at the heart of the East Neuk of Fife, committed to cultivating and caring for the natural environment, nurturing local business and supporting the vibrant community.

our work for Balcaskie is wide ranging and includes; digital design, photography, film and art direction, brand guidelines, design for print, signage and way finding.

The East Neuk of Fife is the source of some of the best ingredients in Scotland. Bounded on three sides by sea and with fertile volcanic soils, its bounty includes fish, soft fruit, vegetables and milling wheat along the coastal strip, malting barley beyond and pastures feeding livestock inland. This mix of agriculture and aquaculture is the basis for sustainable mixed farming, supporting diverse communities in the coastal and landward villages. Tourism has joined farming and fishing as a key industry, with quality of life, beautiful places, great food and vibrant communities all characterising the area.

Balcaskie also has a number of traditional listed farm steadings that have been converted into workshops and studio spaces. The range of businesses based there include guitar maker Taran Guitars, design studio Tom Pigeon and glass and precious metal worker Keny Drew as well as many others.

Photography by Tara Darby and Christina Riley.